Instructions for COMM/MASS 495 Internships

  1. Attached to this packet there are two forms you will need plus a link to the CoAS forms that must be completed PRIOR to beginning your internship hours
    1. Steps for Getting an Internship
    2. Student Registration Form and Time Sheet.
    3. COAS "Guidlines and Limitations" and "Informed Consent" Forms (Can be found at
  2. Secure an internship placement. 
  3. Complete the Student Registration Forms.
  4. Return both completed forms to Internship Coordinator, Catherine Armas-Matsumoto, M.A. in SBSB 2210. (across from the Daniels Communication Lab)  760-224-1087 (call or text) (You also can submit the paperwork to the Administrative Coordinator for the Communication department, in SBSB 2105B. Please call to confirm and coordinate a time to submit the forms760-750-8048. 
  5. You will receive the CRN to enroll in COMM/MASS 495 by e-mail.
  6. Register for your internship.
  7. Begin your internship. 
  8. Log on to Cougar Courses by the first day of classes.  In the CSUSM homepage, click on “Library.” On the upper right corner, click on “Cougar Courses”.  To login, you use your CSUSM username and password. 
  9. Maintain your time log sheet with site supervisor’s signature. Upload your timesheet in the Timesheet Assignment by noon on the last day of classes.
  10. Read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey and a second text (reading varies by semester.)
  11. Keep a weekly journal of activities incorporating the reading and participate in discussion sessions.  You will do this online via Cougar Courses. 
  12. Meet with the Professor in weeks 1-3 and again in weeks 7-14. ( Meet twice with the Professor during arranged office hours.)
  13. Build a portfolio of your work.
  14. Complete a 1,500-2,000 word reflective essay.  The reflection is due online noon on the last day of classes. The internship paper is an essay where you summarize your work, make observations and speculate on what you are learning. Use your weekly log of activities to keep track of interesting ideas that you will develop further in your reflective essay.
  15. Record a digital presentation ( Camtasia, Quicktime, etc..) for CSUSM students to view.  Topics to include:
  • Mission/purpose of the organization.
  • Who the organization serves/benefits.
  • Your roles/responsibilities for your internship.
  • Your opinion on the overall communication effectiveness of the organization.
  • What your internship taught you about the academic discipline of communication.
  • What did learned in your internship that a traditional classroom experience would not have taught you.
  • What theories or concepts from your communication courses “came alive” for you during the internship.
  • What other courses might have been helpful to fill the gaps in your learning.