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Facebook Page Guidelines

4) How do I make my Facebook page and its content more effective?

  • Keep it brief.
    Facebook limits the length of posts by default, but try to be even more brief than they allow. People move through the Web very quickly and don't have much time for extraneous words.
  • Post at least once per week, up to a maximum of five posts per week.
    Simply having a Facebook page isn't enough — you need to populate that page with good content. We recommend a maximum of one post per day on weekdays (ie: up to five posts per week), with at least one post per week as a minimum.
  • Ask questions in your posts.
    Don't just talk at your readers — engage them. Ask questions in some of your posts and see what kind of response you get via comments from fans. 
  • Monitor your page, and keep up with the conversation.
    Regularly read all the posts on your page wall, including those posted by others. Sometimes, students will ask important questions via Facebook rather than phone or email. Make sure to find these questions and answer them directly on the page.

5) What if I need additional assistance?

Please email with any questions, we are happy to assist!