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Logo & Brand Style Guide

Are there certain rules I need to follow when using a CSUSM logo or designing a CSUSM document?

Yes. Rules and standards (for both official usage and design) are outlined in our CSUSM Logo Style Guide & Brand Standards Document:

Please discontinue use of the 25th anniversary logo. Designed for the 2015 calendar year, it is now decommissioned. Current university logo files and email signatures can be found on the "public communications" drive.

Where can I get the logo, photo, or template file I need?

The "public communications" drive can be accessed on-campus at CSUSM. The drive contains a variety of University Logo files, as well as templates (letterhead, memorandum, and PowerPoint), and a great selection of campus photos. Please note that the drive is read-only, so once you select the file you want, you will need to copy or re-save it to your preferred Documents folder or other disk to begin editing.

To connect to the drive, please follow the instructions for your computer type:


  1. On the Windows desktop, double click on the "My Computer" icon (XP) or "Computer" icon (Vista).
  2. In the Windows Explorer window that opens, go to the "Tools" menu and select "Map Network Drive..."
  3. In the box that pops open, for "Drive:" select any letter you wish that has not already been chosen. For the "Folder:" field, type: \\csusmnt\public communications (one spacebar between public and communications). Check the "Reconnect at logon" box, and then click "Finish."
  4. A new window should automatically appear revealing the contents of the network drive. In the future, you can easily access the drive again at any time by going to Computer / My Computer and looking under the "Network Drives" (XP) or "Network Locations" (Vista) category.


  1. In the Mac Finder, go to the "Go" menu, then select "Connect to server..."
  2. In the field labeled "Server Address:" type: smb://csusmnt/public communications (one spacebar between public and communications).
  3. Click "Connect," and the public communications drive should now be connected.
  4. Go to the "Go" menu again, and select "Computer." While holding down the option and command keys on your keyboard with one hand, use your mouse hand to click, hold, and drag the "public communications" drive icon to your Mac desktop. This will create an alias for easy access at any time.

What if I'm off campus and need a logo or template file?

Please contact the Office of Communications at or 760.750.4010.

I'm a student — am I allowed to use a logo file?

Logos are typically reserved for use on official university documents, signage, or memorabilia. As a result, we don't generally grant student requests for logo usage, and students must consult with the Office of Communications about any and all potential logo requests.

The one possible exception is the Cougar Spirit Logo which can be used in student life-related documents for official, SLL-recognized student organizations. However, even these official SLL-related requests must first be reviewed by the Office of Communications. Please contact us at or 760.750.4010 for more information.