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2014-2015 Awardees

Robert Brown
Project:  Designing Geographic Information System (GIS) Spatial Mapping of San Gabriel River Visitors
Community Partner:  The Watershed Conservation Authority (WCA)

Sara Bufferd & Kimberly D'Anna-Hernandez
Project:  Examining Cultural Stressors, Psychological Well-Being, and Access to Mental Health Services in Mothers and Children in Mexican Farmworker Families
Community Partner:  North County Health Services - Agricultural Health

Dawn Formo
Literature & Writing/CHABSS
Project:  Developing College Ready Writers Together
Community Partner:  North County Professional Development Federation (NCPDF)

Ana Hernandez
School of Education/CoEHHS
Project:  Implementing the New CA English Language Development Standards in Secondary Education
Community Partner:  San Marcos Unified School District

Pamela Kohlbry & Jo Ann Daugherty
School of Nursing/CoEHHS
Project:  Developing Innovative Roles to Manage Transitions of Care
Community Partner:  Palomar Health - Community-based Care Transition Program (CCTP)

Suzanne Moineau
Speech-Language Pathology/CoEHHS
Project: Presenting at the National Engagement Scholarship Consortium Annual Conference
Community Partner: Palomar Health - Villa Pomerado

Kendra Dyanne Rivera
Project:  Understanding the Communication of Stress, Acculturation and Social Support Among Pregnant Mexican and Mexican-American Women
Community Partner:  North County Health Services - Women's Health Services

Camile Schuster
Project:  Collaboration for Exports:  US International Trade Administration, CSUSM, and Business Community
Community Partner:  International Trade Administration

Shahed Sharif
Project:  Transformational Geometry: Additional Training for Teachers
Community Partner:  North County Professional Development Federation (NCPDF)

Patricia Stall
School of Education/ CoEHHS
Project: Preparing Secondary Teachers for Social Justice, Equity, and Empathy in a Rapidly Changing Landscape
Community Partner: Vista Unified School District

Kimberly Vanderbilt
Project:  The Science Connection: Investigating How Children Make Sense of the World
Community Partner:  San Diego Chilrden's Discovery Museum

Jill Weigt & Linda Shaw
Project:  Developing an Innovative Research and Evaluation Internship Program Providing Advanced Training in Research Methods
Community Partner:  St. Vincent de Paul Village (SVdPV)

Robert Yamashita
Liberal Studies/CHABSS
Project:  Public Health Research Epidemiology and Surveillance for Hemoglobinpathies (PHRESH) Start Program
Community Partner:  State Dept. of Public Health