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Applications for Class of 2013 Now Available

Applications for Class of 2013 Available

If anyone understands, I know you do . . .

You understand the power behind Leadership North County.

You understand the difference it makes in the lives of professionals, and in the region as a whole.

Leadership North County has an excellent reputation and we’re doing our best to spread the word about the program. Yet, we can only take it so far.  As someone who’s experienced it, you can talk about Leadership North County better than anyone.

We’re asking you to do that now.

Copy and paste the section below the asterisks and send to those colleagues you think might be a good fit.  We encourage you to include a personal line at the top of your email, perhaps one that reflects how the experience was meaningful for you.

Thank you in advance for helping us spread the message about Leadership North County farther and wider than ever before!

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Leadership of North County Logo

 Leadership North County is where you will experience possibilities.


  • It’s where you will connect with the exceptional minds and talents of other leaders
  • It’s where you will experience other powerful industries and contemplate future possibilities
  • It’s where you and your colleagues will create innovative ideas to benefit the entire region

 More than 400 outstanding leaders have experienced it for themselves.

They joined us because they know the truth:

We’re unique.


1.       We focus specifically on North County issues

2.      We are connected to Cal State San Marcos and it’s excellent reputation

3.       We ask for just one day each month

4.      We show you leadership in action  


Be a part of it all.

Apply online today.