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Project Administration

CSUSM Corporation Office of Sponsored Projects
Project Administration

Principal Investigator/Project Director Manual

Chapter 1  What is CSUSM Corporation?
Chapter 2  How to find funding and submit a proposal
Chapter 3  The proposal was funded!  Now what?
Chapter 4  How to hire people
Chapter 5  How do I purchase supplies and equipment?
Chapter 6  What about travel?
Chapter 7  What about other kinds of expenses?
Chapter 8  How do I deposit money?
Chapter 9  What if I need to revise my budget or extend my project period?
Chapter 10  How do I close my project?
Chapter 11  What is needed, to stay safe & healthy at work?
Chapter 12  What other policies should I be aware of?

List of Revenue and Income Accounts
Sponsored Projects Administration Policy at Cal State San Marcos