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Counseling Types


SHCS offers individual counseling from a brief therapeutic framework. During the Initial Consult, the counselor will determine whether the short-term nature of the counseling offered at SHCS is appropriate for the student’s needs. If it is decided that longer-term or more specialized care is appropriate, then alternative treatment recommendations, including possible referral to mental health providers in the community will be made.


SHCS offers brief couple counseling on a limited basis, based upon therapist availability. Couples counseling can be arranged when one or both individual is an enrolled CSUSM student. During the intake session, the counselor will determine whether couple counseling appears appropriate. If it is decided that couple counseling is not appropriate, alternative treatment recommendations will be made.


Many students who seek counseling discover that their concerns can best be addressed through participation in group counseling. SHCS offers a variety of groups ranging from interpersonal therapy groups to topical groups to workshops. During the Initial Consult process, the counselor will determine if the student’s needs would be best met through one of the group offerings at CSUSM. The student would then be referred for a group screen to discuss the group in more detail with the group leaders. Please contact SHCS for more information, 760-750-4915.