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Ali Ahmadinia, Assistant Professor
Research: Embedded Systems
(760) 750-8502
Mayssaa Al Najjar - Adjunct
Computer Science
Rocio Guillen-Castrillo, Professor
Research: Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Web Search
(760) 750-8046
Ahmad Hadaegh, Professor
Research: Bioinformatics (data mining)
(760) 750-8068
Nahid Majd, Assistant Professor
Grad Coordinator - Research: Wireless Sensor Networks, Network Security
Office: SCI2 227
(760) 750-8299
Sahar Mosleh, Adjunct
Computer Science
Office: SCI2 221
(760) 750-8068
Youwen Ouyang, Professor
Dept Chair - Research: Software for Science Education, Mobile Computing, CS Education
Office: SCI2 219
(760) 750-8047
Sukendeep Samra - Adjunct
Computer Science
Patrick Sebrechts, Adjunct
Computer Science
Nimish Shrivastava - Adjunct
Computer Science
Kazumi Slott, Adjunct
Computer Science
Tom Springer, Adjunct
Embedded Systems
Shaun-inn Wu, Professor
Internship Coord. - Research: Non-symbolic Artificial Intelligence; Web/Mobile Computing
(760) 750-4079
Xin Ye, Assistant Professor
Research: Software Engineering and Game Design
Office: SCI2 317
(760) 750-8241
Rika Yoshii, Professor
Industry and Alumni Relations - Research: Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Authoring Tools
Office: SCI2 231
(760) 750-4121
Xiaoyu Zhang, Professor
Research: Bio-informatics algorithms, Scientific Visualization
Office: SCI2 239A
(760) 750-4187
Cassandra Cyrus
Admin Coordinator, Computer Science
Office: SCI II, 240
(760) 750-4273