Lab Information

The Computer Science Department has the following laboratories:

  • SCI2 302 - PC lab/Smart classroom
  • SCI2 206A - Graduate lab
  • SCI2 202A - Graduate Server room

The graduate labs are connected to an internal CS network as well as the campus network. Course and research servers are virtual or multiprocessor systems. Research workstations are PCs and SGIs.

Many of the CS classes use Empress with the unix operation system RHEL5.5_i386:

  • DEL PowerEdge 1955.
  • Students use putty to log onto Empress to program in C++, Prolog, and Lisp.
  • Students can use FileZilla to download files from Empress.


IITS manages the classroom labs. If you need anything changed in these rooms, please contact the IITS Help Desk.