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Course Related Requirements

´╗┐Minimum units

  • 30 units of graduate courses


  • minimum overall 3.0 

Course/Unit Requirements:

  • At least nine (9) units must be numbered 600 or above
  • Only courses numbered 500 or higher and up to nine (9) units of 400-level courses (CS/CIS) can be counted towards the Master's degree.
  • No course or equivalent which was taken as a requirement for the completion of a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or related fields can be used to satisfy these requirements.
  • Not more than nine (9) units in approved extented learning (including Open University) and transfer courses may be used to satisfy the minimum units required for the degree. You must complete the Course Substitution Form if you would like us to count 1) courses you plan to take at another university and 2) CSUSM Open Univesity or Extended Learning courses you took prior to your being admitted (which were not counted for another degree).
  • Given the nature of rapid development in Computer Science, all requirements should be satisfied within five years of initial acceptance into the program or course work must be repeated.

Course Sequence Requirement:

  • To keep track of your progress, you must complete the Advising Sheet (in MS Word format) at the end of each semester before advancing to candidacy.
  • Students must have completed CS331 and CS351 or their equivalents before taking the core courses.
  • Students are required to complete the following graduate-level core courses:
    • CS 537
    • CS 542
    • CS 513
    • CS 571
  • Students are encouraged to complete the core courses before selecting their electives.