Masters in Computer Science Latest Policy Annoucements


Graduate Admission Coordinator: Dr. Ouyang

Graduate Advising Coordinator:  Dr. Yoshii

Campus Policies:

  • Maximum of 9 units of Open University courses can be counted towards the master's degree, only upon approval by the graduate coordinator.
  • Please be sure to fill out the Leave of Absence form if you will be going away for a semester. Visit the Graduate Studies web page.
  • For financial aid information, please visit the Financial Aid office web site.

Department Policies:

NEW: All projects will now be submitted electronically

NEW: All students who have completed 9 units toward the degree must submit the name of the advisor in the second week of Fall.
No exceptions. The advisor will help you choose classes to prepare you for a thesis or a project.

NEW: Please be sure to have the thesis/project proposal and independent study form completed in the semester before you take cs698 or cs699. Deadline: the 10th week.  You must attach a copy of the signed candidacy form and the project/thesis proposal. Graduate Adivising Coordinator signs the candidacy form. Dept chair signs the Independent Study form.

NEW: Thesis/Project committee consists of 2 tenure track professors of CSIS (advisor + one).  Third member from outside the department can be addred to provide expertise.

NEW:  600 level course rotation scheme with their pre-requisites.  Use this form to plan out your courses.