Continuation in Masters Program

No course with a final grade below C (2.0) can be counted toward the MS degree. If the GPA falls below 3.0 for two consecutive semesters, the student will be dropped from this graduate program.

You should follow the plans outlined in the course-taking plans. This is very important for international students.

You must complete the Advising Sheet (in MS Word format) at the end of each semester before advancing to candidacy.

You must complete the Course Subsitution Form (in MS Word format) 1) all courses you want to take at another university 2) all CSUSM courses you took prior to your being admitted.

What courses to take for your project/thesis

  1. CS698 (one semester only) for Project
    If you do not finish it, "I" will be your grade.
  2. CS699 (one or two semesters) for Thesis
    If you do not finish it, "RP" will be your grade.
  3. CS700 if you need more semesters to finish the Thesis
  4. GRADE 699 if you need just a little bit of time to finish your Thesis or Project.

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