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CSIS Viasat Summer Scholarts

 Summer Scholars

Every summer, students work with some faculty members on research projects sponsored by ViaSat and other companies.

2012 Summer Scholars
Julian Nguyen, Ryan Moe and Theo Crouch
2013 Summer Scholars
Chris Wendling, Jacob Parsons, Sidney Vincent, Cian Carota, Dennis Zheng, and Angeline Puranen
2014 Summer Scholars
Ian Kane, Alexis Scollard
2015 Summer Scholars
Jer Cherng (JC) Law  
Raquel Natali Mariz
2016 Summer Scholars
Vinh Vu 
Gabriel Velasquez 
Jacob Stolmeier

2017 Summer Scholars

Stephan Folkes, Nam Ho, Justin Hartline, Jan M Ocampo