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CSM Governance & Planning Committee

Members (2 per department)

Dept Chairs: Rika Yoshii (Chair of GPC), Tracey Brown (BIOL), Jose Mendoza (CHEM), Andre Kundgen (MATH), Ed Price (PHYS)

Second Members: Bianca Mothe (BIOL), Jackie Trischman (CHEM), Ahmad Hadaegh (CSIS), David Chien (MATH), Michael Burin (PHYS)

Ex-Officio: Rick Fierro (Dean's Office)

Sub-committees of GPC:

1)  Faculty Development Committee (FDC) members: Tejinder Neelon (MATH), Chair, Tracey Brown (BIOL) Shaun-Inn Wu (CSIS),  Jackie Trischman (CHEM), Chuck De Leone (PHYS), Rick Fierro (ex-officio).

(Biology, Chemistry and CSIS for 1 year; Math and Physics for 2 years)

2)  Curriculum Committee (CC) members: Brian Norris (BIOL), Xiayou Zhang (CSIS), Sajith Jayasinghe (CHEM), Gerardo Dominguez (PHYS), and Rick Fierro (ex-officio)

(Biology, Chemistry and CSIS for 2 years; Math and Physics for 1 year)

Supported by Laurie Schmelzer, Dean's Office.