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Media Mentions

San Marcos President to Lead Biotech Program for Cal State
Times of San Diego | June 19, 2014
President Karen Haynes will chair a statewide program to improve preparation for careers in the life sciences industry at schools in the CSU system.

Gift Enhances Physics Research
STEPS Magazine | June 26, 2014
A classroom in Science Hall 2 underwent a major renovation that transformed the space into new laboratories to benefit undergraduate learning and faculty research in physics, thanks to a $60,000 gift from Hunter Industries.

Summer Scholars 2014

The students in the Summer Scholars program are selected based on their academic achievements and interest in research. They spend 10 weeks working side by side with a faculty researcher, completing complex and valuable studies in the fields of medicine, computer science, mathematics, physics, biological sciences, biochemistry and chemistry.

ViaSat:  Rochelle Claudius (CHEM), Jennifer Hill (BIOL), Cassandra Gilmour (CHEM), Ian Kane (CSIS), Juan Lopez (MATH), Louis Magallon (PHYS), Andrew McNary (PHYS), Justin Mulvaney (MATH), Alexis Scollard (CSIS).

Genentech:  Patricia Bryne (BIOL), Christopher Ottersbach (BIOL).

John Gormally: Ezra Benitez-Ahedo (PHYS), Blaine Jester (PHYS).