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California State University San Marcos

Chapter 321 Bylaws


This Chapter is an autonomous organization chartered by the California State University Employees Union (CSUEU), a California Corporation. CSUEU is SEIU Local 2579 and is an affiliate of the California State Employee Association (CSEA).



Section 1 Authority:

Subject to the members’ right to set the broad goals and the general policies of the Chapter, the operations of the Chapter are administered by the Chapter Executive Committee. Chapters are chartered entities of CSUEU and therefore are bound by the Bylaws and Policy File of CSUEU.

Section 2 Executive Committee:

Members of the Executive Committee are the President/General Council Delegate, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Organizing Chair, and Chapter Bargaining Unit Representatives for each of the represented Bargaining Units, Chief Steward, and Communications Liaison. All officers must complete steward training within 6 months of being elected to office.

Excluding members of the CSUEU Board of Directors, if a chapter officer has two (2) or more consecutive, unexcused absences from chapter Executive Committee meetings, the officer may be deemed as resigning from office. The remaining members of the Executive Committee may move to treat such absences as a resignation after notice and an opportunity to respond has been provided to the officer. The Executive Committee shall notice the officer by certified letter (U.S. mail) to the last known address, with a copy to the CSUEU President, and allowing at least fourteen (14) days from the date of mailing for the officer to respond.

A. President/General Council Delegate:

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter and of the Executive Committee, and shall exercise general supervision over activities of the Chapter. He/She shall appoint and remove all members of committees, subject to the rights of the Executive Committee to disaffirm such appointment or removal, and shall be an Ex Officio member of each Chapter Committee. The President shall be a Chapter General Council Delegate and shall serve at the meetings of the CSEA General Council. The president, by reason of his office, is a member of the board of directors of the corporation CSUEU and is required to attend CSUEU Board meetings.

B. Vice President:

The Vice-President shall act for, and in the place of, the President at the latter’s request or during his/her absence or disability, and shall perform duties as assigned by the President. In the absence of an elected Chief Steward, the Vice President may serve in that capacity.

C. Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall review and monitor all chapter financial transactions, render a financial report at each Chapter and Executive Board meeting, render such financial reports to the CSUEU Vice President for Finance as required by the Policy File, and perform such other duties as assigned by the President. Any expenditure not in the approved budget must be approved by the Executive Committee prior to the expenditure incurred.

D. Secretary:

The Secretary shall record the minutes of all chapter and executive committee meetings, conduct the correspondence of the chapter, have custody of the records of the chapter, ensure that a copy of the Chapter Bylaws, CSUEU Bylaws and Policy File, and CSEA Bylaws and Policy File are available at all meetings. He/She shall transmit copies of all amendments to the Chapter Bylaws to the CSUEU Policy File Committee Chair. He/She shall perform such other duties as assigned by the President. The Secretary shall make chapter minutes available to all represented employees.

E. Chapter Bargaining Unit Representatives:

The Chapter Bargaining Unit Representatives represent the employees in their respective Bargaining Units, at chapter and executive committee meetings, and present their constituents’ views to respective unit councils either in writing, or when authorized, in person at meetings of the unit council.

F. Chapter Organizing Committee Chair:

The Chapter Organizing Committee Chair shall chair the Chapter’s Organizing Committee. The Chapter Organizing Committee Chair shall ensure that a new employee orientation exists, and that new employee packets are distributed. The Chapter Organizing Committee Chair shall develop chapter programs to promote membership recruitment and coordinate the implementation of CSUEU-approved statewide organizing programs on the campus.

G. Chief Steward:

The Chapter’s "certified stewards" shall elect a Chief Steward. The Chief Steward shall track campus grievances, and chair meetings of the Stewards Council. The Chief Steward shall make monthly reports to their assigned LRR, the Chapter President and the Vice President for Representation on all representation activity in their chapter.

H. Communications Liaison:

The President may appoint, with concurrence of the Executive Committee, a Communications Liaison. The Communications Liaison may (but is not limited to):

• Participate in statewide communications liaison conference calls;

• Chair the chapter communication committee

• Oversee management of the chapter web site

• Oversee management and use of chapter e-mail lists

• Forward statewide communications to chapter members

• Oversee management of campus/chapter bulletin boards

• Coordinate chapter communications for statewide campaigns

• Coordinate communications with the chapter organizing chair

Section 3 Delegates:

To the extent that the Chapter is allotted Delegates to the CSEA General Council by the Association, the delegates to the General Council shall be nominated and elected pursuant to CSUEU Policy File and applicable Association Bylaws and Policy File provisions.

The Chapter President shall be a delegate to General Council. All other delegates shall be elected at large, and when vacancies occur, shall be appointed from the list of alternates in the order of votes received. Members running for other offices may also run for Chapter General Council Delegate. All chapter officers are encouraged to run for GC delegate.



Section 1. Election of Officers:

Election of chapter officers shall be in accordance with CSUEU Policy File.

Section 2. Term of Office:

The term of office of all chapter officers and bargaining unit representatives shall be in accordance with the CSUEU Policy File.

Section 3. Time of Election:

The time for chapter elections shall be in accordance with the CSUEU Policy File. The election process shall be concluded by March 31.

Section 4. Nominating Committee:

During January, the Chapter President shall activate a Chapter Nominating Committee; the Chapter President shall notify the chapter members of the date, time, and place of the open chapter meeting to accept Chapter Officer nominations. Prior to this chapter meeting, the Nominations Committee shall meet.

Section 5. Electorate:

A. President/General Council Delegate, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chapter Organizing Chair are elected by active members of Chapter 321

B. Chapter Bargaining Unit Representatives are elected by the active members in their bargaining unit of Chapter 321

C. Chief Steward is elected by certified stewards of Chapter 321

Section 6. Eligibility for Office:

A. Any active member of Chapter 321 shall be eligible for the offices of President (President/General Council Delegate), Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Organizing Committee Chair, Chief Steward, and Communications Liaison (appointed position).

B. Any active member of Chapter 321 shall be eligible for the office of Campus Bargaining Unit Representative of his/her bargaining unit.

Section 7 Elections:

A. Election of chapter officers and chapter bargaining unit representatives shall be either by (a) mail ballot, conducted by CSUEU headquarters; or (b) Open chapter meeting.

In the event that chapters want the elections to be handled by Headquarters, notification must be sent to CSUEU by the second week of January. The Chapters must provide a list of nominees to CSUEU Headquarters no later than February 15th in the year of election.

B. If the election is to be held in an open meeting, the Nominating Committee shall conduct the election and shall provide a slate of candidates to each chapter member at least 30 days prior to the meeting scheduled for elections. This announcement shall include the date, time, and location of chapter elections. Nominations from the floor are also acceptable.

C. The Nominating Committee shall serve as the Tellers Committee and will notify all chapter members and CSUEU Headquarters of the results of the election by March 30th. New chapter officers assume the duties of their office when election results are announced. The new officers will be installed at the next open chapter meeting.

Section 8. Officer Training:

Pursuant to the CSUEU Bylaws and Policy Files, all chapter officers shall attend required training within six (6) months of election/appointment.



Section 1. Chapter Meetings:

Chapter meetings shall be held at least two times per year and places determined by the president. Special meetings may be called at any time by the President, by a majority of the Executive Committee, or by petition signed by any 10 members.

Section 2. Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee shall meet monthly at times and places determined by the President. Only members of the Executive Committee may make motions or vote, although any represented employee may address the Executive Committee on the subject under consideration. Represented employees who wish to address the Executive Committee on an Agenda item, or who wish to request an item be added to the Agenda, should do so at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the meeting date. Requests to add new items to the Agenda may be taken under consideration at the scheduled meeting or at a subsequently scheduled meeting, at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Section 3 Notice:

For business to be conducted and actions taken, the notice requirements of this section must be met. Notice of regular chapter and Executive Committee meetings shall be given to all represented employees at least ten (10) days in advance of the meeting by publication on the chapter website and sent out to chapter members by electronic means or posting on the bulletin boards at each work location in the chapter’s jurisdiction. Notice of special meetings shall be given to all represented employees at least five (5) days in advance by the same means. No notice is needed for meetings of committees other than the Executive committee.

Section 4 Quorum:

For business to be conducted and actions taken, the quorum requirements of the section must be met:

A. Regular Meetings: A quorum consists of at least ten (10) members.

B. Special Meetings: A quorum consists of at least ten (10) members.

C. Executive Committee meetings: A quorum consists of a majority of the committee, with at     least 50% +1 officers present.

Section 5 Open and Closed Meetings:

All meetings of this chapter shall be open to all represented employees. Executive Board Meetings and Steward Council Meetings may be closed in accordance with the CSUEU Policy File.

Section 6 Emergency Meetings:

Notwithstanding the provisions of Sections 4 and 5 of this article, an emergency meeting of the Executive Committee or Chapter may be called by the President or Executive Committee. Actions taken at such meetings are subject to review at the next regularly scheduled meeting of that body.

Section 7. Minutes:

Minutes of all meetings shall be made available to all represented employees prior to the next scheduled meeting.



The recommended order of business at all meetings of the chapter may be as follows:

(1) Call to order

(2) Approval of Minutes

(3) Report of President

(4) Report of Treasurer

(5) Report of Secretary

(6) Report of Committees as needed

(7) Old Business

(8) New Business

(9) Adjournment

Robert’s Rules of Order, latest revision, shall govern meetings of this chapter, in so far as it does not conflict with the CSUEU Bylaws and Policy file, and the Bylaws of this chapter.

Any actions that are in conflict with the Association and CSUEU Bylaws or Policy

Files are null and void.






Section 1. Standing Committees:

Standing Committees of the Chapter are Finance Committee, Chapter Organizing Committee, Communications Committee, and the Stewards Council.

Section 2. Special Committees:

Special committees may be authorized as needed by the Chapter President or Executive Committee. The President shall appoint members to those committees so authorized.



Section 1. Budget Year:

The Budget year for the chapter shall be January 1 through December 31.

Section 2. Income:

The primary source of income for the chapter shall be that portion of dues and fees due allotted to the Chapter as determined by the CSUEU Policy File. Additional income may be in the form of grants from the Association or CSUEU, and/or special fund-raising.

Section 3. Budget:

The Chapter shall operate under a program budget directed by CSUEU, which shall guide the priorities under which the Chapter shall spend its money.

Section 4. Budget Adoption:

Each year, prior to December, the Treasurer shall prepare a budget based on the projected income. The proposed budget shall be presented to the Executive Committee in such time as to meet the requirements of the CSUEU Policy File. The Executive Committee shall make whatever changes it deems necessary before approving the proposed budget for presentation to the chapter membership for approval no later than January. After adoption a copy shall be sent to the CSUEU Vice President of Finance.

Section 5. Disbursements:

Once approved by the Chapter Executive Board, the treasurer shall authorize Central Accounting to pay the Chapter obligations. Such authorizations to Central Accounting require the written approval of the Chapter Treasurer and Chapter President or the President’s designee. Disbursements in any program may not exceed the amount budgeted for that program. The Executive Committee is authorized to transfer budgeted funds from one program to another.

Section 6. Reserves:

Reserve funds shall be in accordance with the CSUEU Policy File.

Section 7. Audit:

The Executive Committee shall cause an audit of all chapter financial records to be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the CSUEU Policy File.



The Chapter shall communicate with those state employees it represents by any means available to it. It may publish a newsletter on a regular periodic basis to be determined by the Executive Committee. It may be distributed by (1) mailing to the campus address of record of the chapter constituency, (2) hand delivery to each work site represented by the chapter or (3) by electronic means so long as print copies are delivered to areas where electronic communication is limited.



Discipline of members and recall of officers, and stewards will be in accordance with the CSUEU Bylaws and Policy File.



Chapter vacancies shall be filled in accordance with the CSUEU Policy File.



Section 1. Proposals:

Amendments to the Bylaws may be proposed by the Executive Committee, or by petition signed by (a) any ten (10) members or (b) by 10% of the chapter membership, whichever is lower.

Section 2. Publication:

The proposed amendment must be made available to every member. If the amendment is distributed electronically, a paper copy shall be made available to members who do not have electronic access, at least ten (10) days prior to the Chapter meeting at which time the amendment is to be acted upon.

Section 3. Adoption:

The amendment must be adopted by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present and voting at the next regular chapter meetings following publication.




From time to time, it may be necessary or desirable to update several sections of the Bylaws at one time. When such an action occurs, a copy of these Bylaws shall be transmitted to the members of the Chapter at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting at which time they are to be acted upon. They shall be considered at an open meeting at which time they are to be acted on and shall be approved by a majority vote of those voting. A copy of these Bylaws shall be transmitted to the Vice President for Organizing and CSUEU Policy File Committee Chair within two weeks of adoption.