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  • IRP cover sheet
    • Please use this cover sheet when submitting an IRP to management and the union.  It grants the union permission to act on your behalf and submit your IRP for you after 30 days.
  • Short IRP request form
    • This form is for those who want to expend minimal effort on an IRP.  Likely your department or manager has told you you will not recieve an IRP.  Write your name, the desired percentage, check a box, sign and submit.
  • IRP template for those who want help writing an IRP.
    • This template gives suggested language as well as helping you think of examples that will demonstrate why you should be awarded an IRP.
  • IRP Checklist and timeline.
    • This is an IRP checklist and timeline.  Input the date that you requested your IRP and it will tell you next steps.
  • HR IRP request form

Coming Soon:  Statewide salary comparisions by classification.