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How can I apply for an IRP?

An in-range progression (IRP) is a provision of the CSUEU/CSU contract that provides a method for you as an employee to move through your salary range when you assume additional or enhanced responsibilities and skills. An IRP carries a minimum salary increase of three percent and has no maximum increase (Article 20.24).

The criteria for requesting an IRP include, but are not limited to:

  • Assigned application of enhanced skill(s)
  • Retention
  • Equity
  • Performance
  • Out-of-classification work that does not warrant a reclassification
  • Increased workload
  • New lead work or new project coordination functions given to an employee on an ongoing basis by an appropriate administrator where the classification standard/series do not specifically list lead work as a typical duty or responsibility
  • Other salary-related criteria

Document and present your rationale for an IRP based on any one or more of the criteria listed above.  Be sure to review your job description plus your classification standards and performance evaluations.  These will determine if you qualify and also help in the success of your IRP.  

Next, contact your campus HR department for their guidelines. Each campus must have guidelines and procedures for an IRP per our contract (20.24f). After you have submitted the request, the appropriate administrator must forward it to Human Resources within 30 days or you will have the option to file the request directly. Once HR receives the request, they shall complete the IRP review within 90 days (20.24e).  

Sadly, not all IRPs are granted; however, if you are notified in writing that it was denied solely due to a lack of funds, you can request to have the IRP application re-evaluated the following fiscal year (20.24c).

If you are successful in receiving your IRP, you may want to start working toward your next request, but remember that, according to article 20.24d of the contract, “An employee shall not submit a request for an in-range progression prior to twelve (12) months following receipt of a response to any prior in-range progression requests.”

If you have questions or need more information, please contact a local eboard member or steward.

Local IRP Information

We've been working on system wide salary analysis for our members, which is finally available.

While our local HR doesn't follow the contract by supplying IRP guidelines, SDSU does.  SDSU's guidelines might help you write an IRP.  In the SDSU PDF, look to the "documentation" section to review SDSU's IRP guidelines.

Make sure you use an IRP form for requesting an IRP from CSUSM's HR website.