Pete's GC Summary

I'll be completely honest with you and put my pride aside.  I didn't even know what General Council was when I agreed to go.  I knew we needed to  send delegates, and I know finding volunteers for events like this isn't easy, particularly when I can't explain exactly what a person is signing  up for and what the overall goal/point is.  So, I figured I would volunteer and learn all about it.  I didn't know it was an elected position, so I said I would do it, and soon got a ballot in the mail with my name on it.  It went to all the members on this campus, perhaps you remember voting for me?  I only remember doing it because I was voting for myself.  Once the votes were tallied (I did get to go as a delegate which means I had a vote), I started receiving materials in the mail explaining General Council.  I was surprised at what I read.  Before we were CSUEU, we CSEA.  CSEA has since spun off into 4 affiliate unions of which we are 1.  CSEA still exists, but only provides business services to the remaining unions.  However, since CSEA used to be our union, it still has this legacy governance piece left over.

General Council is comprised of 1 person per every 100 represented.  That one person is an elected delegate that attends GC and votes on CSEA business.  However, since CSEA is no longer our union, the first item on the agenda, BP1, was to vote to end GC, and no longer conduct CSEA business through GC, but to create a Board of Directors for CSEA out of 2 members from each affiliate.  To me, that made infinitely more sense. The need for the kind of representation GC brings has passed.  And holding GC and accommodating 1500 or so people is incredible expense.  In order to accomplish this, GC needed a 2/3 vote...which it missed by about 5 votes.  Later we were able to reduce the size through a separate by-
laws amendment, so in 3 years, GC will only be about half the size it was this time.  In my opinion, that is a horrible waste and I hope next time around GC does the right thing and votes itself to an end.

I don't even know what to say to explain the size and magnitude of the event.  900 some odd people all with the right to vote, or speak their mind at a microphone at almost any given moment tested the elasticity of my patience.  All that and another 400 or so alternants waiting in the wings... I am anxious for next GC to see this process heavily streamlined.

If you have any questions at all about this even, please feel free to contact me either by email ( or by phone ext. 8666.

--Pete RauchCSUEU Chapter 321 President.