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2012 Electon of Officers

We are pleased to report that the nominations period for Chapter 321 has been successfully completed.  All nominees have been confirmed to be in good standing.

Uncontested Offices

The following offices were uncontested and consider filled:

•    Chapter President – Michael Geck
•    Vice President – Pete Rauch
•    Treasurer – Debbie Blair
•    Unit 5 Representative – Rafael  Lopez
•    Unit 7 Representative – Charlene Montalvo
•    Unit 9 Representative – Steven Wiener

General Council Delegates

•    General Council Delegate – Michael Geck
•    General Council Delegate – Pete Rauch
•    General Council Delegate – Debbie Blair
•    General Council Alternate – Steven Wiener

Congratulations to the above officers and General Council Delegates!  We look forward to working to with you!

Vacant Offices:

The following offices had no nominees and will be appointed by the incoming board.

•    Secretary
•    Organizing Chair
•    Unit 2 Representative
•    Unit 7 Representative