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Dear Students:
The California State University recently became aware of the NoteUtopia website (, which allows and encourages college students to post class notes for sale to others.  According to a recent article in the Sacramento Bee, the company has been promoting and marketing the web site to students at two CSU campuses, Chico and Sacramento, and hopes to expand to campuses across the country. The article indicates that students from both of these CSU campuses have already posted class notes for sale on the NoteUtopia site.
California Education Code section 66450 prohibits any business or person from selling or otherwise distributing or publishing class notes for a commercial purpose.  Section 66451 provides for associated criminal penalties.  It is important to know NoteUtopia and any similar company that distributes/sells class notes violates these statutes.
Most importantly, section 41301, Subsection (b) (14) of Title 5, California Code of Regulations, which is the Student Conduct Code that governs all students at all 23 CSU campuses, prohibits the "unauthorized recording, dissemination, or publication of academic presentations (including handwritten notes) for a commercial purpose."  This means that any CSU student selling class notes, including on the NoteUtopia web site, is subject to discipline, up through and including expulsion from the University.
For additional information about the campus procedures and the Student Conduct Code, please visit the Dean of Students Office website at
Dilcie Perez, Dean of Students