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Campus ADA Contacts

Americans with Disabilities Act Referral List

Accomodation Requests Description Contact Name Office Location Phone Number Email Address
HR&EO Coordination of reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. Investigate complaints by employees with disabilities for alleged ADA discrimination. Lisa McLean Craven Hall
Room 1200
(760) 750-4416
Academic Resources Coordination of reasonable accomodations for faculty with disabilities. Investigate complaints by faculty with disabilities regarding alleged ADA discrimination. Michelle Hunt Craven Hall
Room 5210A
(760) 750-8820
Disabled Student Services Coordination of reasonable accommodations for qualified students with documented disabilities John Segoria Craven Hall
Room 4300
(760) 750-4905
Admissions Special Admissions Requests Carol McAllister Craven Hall
Room 3700
(760) 750-4820
IITS Access to materials in alternate format due to a print impairment Barbara Taylor Kellogg Library
Room 2420
(760) 750-8673
Emergency Operations Manager Coordination of campus response to emergency situations  Robert Williams Public Safety 
Room 114
(760) 750-4503
Risk Management & Safety Coordinate the design of accessible workstations for campus employees Regina Frasca Craven 4700 (760) 750-4502
IITS Ensures accessibility of campus computing resources including official websites and accessible classroom technology Kevin Morningstar Craven 2301E (760) 750-4775 

Parking Services Access to Disabled Parking Spaces and application process for parking permit fee waiver for students. Belinda Garcia Public Safety
Room 108
(760) 750-7500
Telephone Services Access to telecommunication devices for the hearing or speech impaired Kathie Pendo Craven Hall
Room 2311
(760) 750-4530
Caller with or without a TTY California Relay System N/A N/A (800) 735-2929 N/A
Disabled Student Services In possession of a dedicated TTY Line. N/A N/A (760) 750-4909 N/A
HR&EO Report alleged violations of Title I of the ADA for employees. Lisa McLean Craven Hall
Room 1200
(760) 750-4416
Dean of Student's Office Investigates complaints filed by students with disabilities regarding ADA/504 discrimination complaints Dilcie Perez USU 3500 (760) 750-4935