Distinguished Teachers in Residence

Duties and Responsibilities

The general duties of Distinguished Teachers will include teaching courses appropriate to their area(s) of specialization, supervising student teachers, advising students, participating in college governance and holding committee assignments. Opportunities may be provided to team teach, provide guest lectures in specialized content areas, conduct research and facilitate student teaching seminars. DTiRs are afforded opportunities and encouraged to share their classroom teaching expertise with the widest spectrum of pre-service teachers in a variety of teacher credential program courses. DTiRs will be strongly encouraged, but not required, to conduct applied research collaboratively with faculty members or on their own initiative, and to incorporate such research activities into their professional growth plans.

Selection Process

The selected teachers will be assigned by their employing districts to render full-time service as instructional faculty on two-year terms of assignment. For their period of service to CSUSM, the Distinguished Teachers in Residence will remain employees of their respective school districts with full entitlement to all associated benefits, and the employing districts will be reimbursed for replacement teaching costs using mechanisms defined in the Consortium Agreement. The opportunity to serve as a Distinguished Teacher in Residence will be advertised in the districts which are party to the Consortium Agreement.

CSUSM will identify teachers from participating districts to serve as Distinguished Teachers in Residence in the School of Education and will be chosen from among the permanent teaching faculties of the districts which are parties to the Consortium Agreement. The search committee (to be chosen using criteria established by the University and the superintendents of participating school districts) will include representation from the Consortium Agreement districts and CSUSM. Over a six-year term, all participating districts will have an opportunity to have at least one teacher serve as a Distinguished Teacher in Residence.

Application Process

Each year eligible districts will be sent application information containing the position announcement, qualifications, application procedures and information meeting flyer. This information will be distributed on or before the first week in December to the designated representative of each participating eligible district for distribution to the schools in their respective districts. The position announcement, application form, information meeting flyer and other pertinent information about the search process will also be posted and available for download on the DTiR Search web page.