California Supplementary Authorization - Computer Concepts & Applications

Regardless of where you live in the state, you may now fulfill the credential supplementary authorization requirements by completing four 3-unit graduate-level courses in Computer Concepts and Applications.  The program is collaboratively offered by the School of Education and Extended Learning.


  • Graduate units can be applied toward a master's degree at CSUSM.
  • Demonstrate computer skills beyond current State of California requirements.
  • Gain skills and confidence in integrating technology into the classroom.
  • Experience online learning in a collaborative environment.


Completion of the following four courses (grade 'C' or better) is required to obtain a CSA in Computer Concepts and Applications.  All courses are delivered in an online format for convenient access and flexible scheduling.

  • Current Issues and Research in Educational Technology (EDST 630)
  • Hardware Operations and Function to Support Teaching & Learning (EDST 635)
  • Software and Web Site Evaluation and Tools (EDST 636)
  • Instructional Technology Planning and Management (EDST 637)

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