California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL)

The CTEL Program at California State University San Marcos is a program within the Master of Arts in Education programs for individuals who have not previously obtained a CLAD certificate.  The CTEL Program consists of 12 units of coursework (4 courses) accompanied by candidates submitting a final portfolio to demonstrate mastery of the CTEL standards.  The CLAD certificate authorizes instruction for English language development and especially designed academic instruction delivered in English.

Features of the CTEL program:

  • Apply Courses to Masters Program - The four (4) courses are offered at the MA-level to enable candidates to apply CTEL courses towards a Master of Arts in Education - a 30-unit degree program.
  • Completed in Two Semesters - Candidates may complete the CTEL coursework in two semesters - two courses or 6 units each semester.   Courses are offered in the evenings.
  • Partially On-Line - Some CTEL courses have an on-line component, but the CTEL Program at CSUSM is not an on-line program.
  • Portfolio Built as Part of Program - The final portfolio is an on-line submission in which candidates write a narrative reflecting upon how s/he has met the CTEL standards and attach assignments from the courses they completed as evidence.

There are 4 requirements to be eligible for the CLAD certificate:

  1. You must hold an appropriate prerequisite credential or permit.  Examples are, but NOT limited to:
    Ryan Preliminary or Professional Clear Multiple or Single Credential
    Standard Elementary or Secondary Teacher Credential
  2. The second language requirement is fulfilled by completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.
  3. 12 units of CTEL coursework (grade of C+ or higher)
  4. A portfolio review (assessment)

The CTEL program leading to a CLAD Certificate was CCTC approved January 2008.

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