Single Subject (Secondary) Credential

Single subject (high school) teacher education candidates enroll in a program designed to prepare them to teach students in grades nine through twelve. Upon completion of the program, candidates receive a Preliminary Single Subject Credential. In the two-semester curriculum, candidates take courses in teaching and learning in high schools, discipline and interdisciplinary specific methods, and multilingual/multicultural education. Coursework is taught by a team of instructors with class sessions and assignments geared to the particular needs of high school teachers and learners. The teaching team consists of faculty from the College of Education, Health and Human Services and they are assisted by educators from North County High Schools who share expertise and experiences and model exemplary practices for high schools.

North County high schools serve as sites for Clinical Practices. Supervision of the teacher candidates is a shared responsibility of a University faculty advisor and an on-site supervisor (a full time teacher at the high school level). Two different opportunities constitute the clinical practice--one at the ninth/tenth grade level and one at the eleventh/twelfth grade level. Within these experiences there will be opportunities to practice teach a variety of subjects to diverse student populations with varying ability levels. In addition, teacher candidates will be encouraged to participate in school faculty activities outside of the classroom in order to gain both experience and expertise in the organization and decision making characteristic of the high school culture.

Another important aspect of the Single Subject Credential Program is the acquisition of and Authorization to Teach English Learners. Requirements are met through the infusion of content and experience not only through the specific courses, but also during the clincial practice experience in order to better serve the needs of students from diverse language and cultural backgrounds often encountered in classrooms.

Successful completion of the program results in issuance of a Preliminary 5-year credential. New 2042 Standards require employment as a full-time teacher and completion of an induction program to qualify for the Professional Clear Credential.