Authorizations/Certificate Programs

Autism Spectrum Disorder Added Authorization (ASD AA)
The purpose of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Added Authorization (ASD AA) is to respond to the need for special educators who are not yet authorized to teach students with ASD to obtain this authorization.  Given the increasing number of students eligible for special education in the ASD disability category, the School of Education, in partnership with Extended Learning, is pleased to offer a streamlined, partially-online ASD AA of six units of study to assist special educators in the region to be fully authorized to serve their students with ASD.

Bilingual Authorization
The Bilingual Authorization equips bilingual teachers with effective, research-based bilingual - bicultural instructional strategies and is valued by employers.  The bilingual authorization can be added to any credential and provides eight units of masters level credit.

Computer Concepts & Applications Supplementary Authorization
This program fulfills the credential supplementary authorization requirements by completing four 3-unit graduate-level courses in Computer Concepts and Applications.  Demonstrate computer skills beyond current State of California requirements.  Gain skills and confidence in integrating technology into the classroom.  Experience online learning in a collaborative environment.  Graduate units can be applied toward a master's degree at CSUSM.


The CTEL Program (California Teachers of English Learners) is a program within the Master of Arts in Education programs for individuals who have not previously obtained a CLAD certificate.  The CTEL Program consists of 12 units of coursework (4 courses) accompanied by candidates submitting a final portfolio to demonstrate mastery of the CTEL standards.  The CLAD certificate authorizes instruction for English language development and especially designed academic instruction delivered in English.

Dual Language
The local Dual Language Certificate issued by the School of Education is designed for educators to meet the growing needs of dual and multilingual education at local, national and international levels.  The certificate program examines a variety of school-based models to offer candidates, teachers and school administrators an opportunity to better understand the theoretical principles, research, and instructional practices of teaching and learning in dual language immersion settings.

Global Teacher Studies and Preparation:  International Baccalaureate Primary and Middle Years Programme
In order to prepare educators to teach the IB model, CSUSM is authorized to offer a course of study called the Global Teacher Studies and Preparation: International Baccalaureate Primary and Middle Years Programmes. The course of study is a sequence of four classes that culminate in recommendation for a certificate, or teacher award, to recognize the qualifications and job readiness of the IB-trained teacher or administrator. This series of classes will enable local teachers to increase their qualifications and competitiveness in the educational workforce. Our convenient and affordable hybrid programme, with curriculum offered through online and face-to-face meetings, allows greater access and collaboration with local educators.

The successful completion of this course of study qualifies participants to apply for the IB teacher award, a certificate that verifies the candidate has completed the comprehensive training to work in an International Baccalaureate PYP or MYP World School. 

Multicultural Specialist
The Multicultural Specialist Certificate prepares educators to take on leadership roles for social change.  Areas of focus include:  multicultural curriculum development; differentiated instruction for English learners, culturally and linguistically diverse students and students with special needs; and working collaboratively with families and communities.  Graduate units can be applied toward a master's degree at CSUSM.

Literacy Education offers students a collection of courses that they can take to earn an advanced credential approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing: a state issued Reading Certificate and/or a state issued Reading/Language Arts Specialist Credential.  See more information at Literacy Education.

The Reading Certificate authorizes teachers to provide services at the grade levels allowed by their prerequisite teaching credential to assess student reading, to provide reading instruction in response to those assessments, to develop, implement and adapt the reading content curriculum and assist classroom teachers in these areas in one or more school sites.  It is intended for educators interested in positions in the areas of reading, writing, and curriculum, like literacy coaches, Title I teachers, and Reading Resource teachers.  The Reading Certificate requires a valid teaching credential, obtained prior to coursework, AND three (3) years of successful full-time teaching experience, which can be obtained while completing coursework.

Science Education
The Certificate of Advanced Study in Science Teaching provides an opportunity to seek specialized preparation in science teaching. It is intended to serve regularly enrolled teachers in the Master's program who wish to earn an additional certificate to the MA degree or for those students who wish to pursue specialized training in teaching science without enrolling in the entire sequence of courses for the Master's degree.