Message from the Director of the School of EducationDr. Manuel Vargas, Director of the School of Education

Welcome! I am glad you have joined us for a virtual tour of our educator preparation programs in the School of Education at Cal State San Marcos.

In the School of Education, faculty and staff are united by a common purpose of preparing the best teachers and school leaders for our nation’s schools. We pride ourselves, and stand apart among our peers, for our commitment to educational equity, the pursuit of socially just outcomes, and an overall focus on providing educational opportunities for all students, especially those from underrepresented groups. Our signature programs are specially designed to reach English learners and children with special needs. These goals demonstrate program faculty’s responsiveness to the demographic realities of the state, the region, and the nation.

We proudly prepare P-12 (pre-kindergarten through grade 12) educators to work effectively with a diverse group of students in elementary, middle, and high school environments through our preliminary Multiple-Subject and Single-Subject credential programs. In addition, we offer specialized training in the areas of literacy, special education, administrative services, and bilingual education. In the state of California, all initial programs require completion of a baccalaureate degree, thus allowing candidates multiple opportunities to develop pedagogical knowledge and skills. We believe that our curriculum framework, faculty expertise, and our commitment to transforming education result in the preparation of outstanding teachers and other school professionals.

Feedback from the field indicates that our graduates are highly sought after and, in most instances, preferred when personnel decisions are made. We are certainly proud of our alumni and their ongoing contributions. We are equally proud of our own contributions to P-12 education and the field of educator preparation. If you want to join the noblest of all professions, especially in an increasingly diverse society, we invite you to join our credential and advanced professional programs. We believe in academic rigor and thus we place special emphasis on the selection of candidates.

We encourage you to communicate with CEHHS Student Services  to learn more about the following programs: Multiple-Subject, Single-Subject, Education Specialist, Educational Administration, Bilingual, Literacy, Master of Arts in Education, and our joint (with the University of California at San Diego) doctorate in Educational Leadership.

For nearly a quarter century, the preparation of P-12 professionals who take on a positive and active role in their communities has been a central tenet of the university’s overall mission. We are inspired by the noble call of working together with P-12 partners and other community leaders for a more just society. It is our collaboration with practitioners in the field that provides a dynamic impetus and vibrancy to our programs. Together, we create learning and teaching communities that sustain and nurture a thriving democratic way of life. Whether we realize it or not, we continuously plant the seeds for a better tomorrow. Thus, we truly believe that “we touch tomorrow when we teach a child.”

I trust that your virtual tour may result in a decision to pursue your education preparation program at Cal State San Marcos School of Education.


Manuel Vargas, PhD