Message from the Director of the School of Education

Welcome to the School of Education at Cal State San Marcos!

Dr. Manuel Vargas, SoE DirectorAs you review our website, you will come across expressions such as affirming diversity, student-centered and innovative practices, social justice, educational equity, professionalism, shared governance, and others. These expressions reveal our deep commitment to provide educational opportunities to all learners, especially those who come from underrepresented populations.  As a Hispanic-serving institution, we realize the demographic changes that are taking place in our state, the region, and the nation and the urgency with which we must address the educational aspirations of all students.

At Cal State San Marcos School of Education, we are determined to have a positive influence on P-12 educational settings. Consistent with our mission and vision, we offer a wide range of professional preparation programs for elementary (Multiple-Subject), middle (Single-Subject), and high school (Single-Subject) teacher candidates. And because we believe that learning should never stop, especially when we need to address the changing needs of our schools, we offer master’s degree options (Special Education, Educational Administration, Literacy Education, General Option)  for practicing teachers and other professionals who want to further their education.  In addition, we also offer professional preparation programs for individuals who are ready to answer the call of exceptional populations and seek specialized training, such as bilingual education, autism spectrum disorders, and other specialized disciplines. Our joint doctoral program in Educational Leadership with University of California at San Diego offers another opportunity for an advanced degree.

All of these programs would not be possible without the efforts of a group of committed faculty and staff who work diligently to make this possible. Just as I begin my job as director of the School of Education, I have already reviewed a long list of research topics prepared by faculty for the upcoming academic year, which will advance the mission, vision, and core beliefs of our program. Faculty members are well respected in the more than twenty surrounding school districts with whom we have memoranda of understanding. Faculty expertise and advice are sought consistently and their scholarly activities have an overarching positive influence in the region and the nation. This clearly results in a solid foundation for the preparation of outstanding professionals.

Graduates with the imprimatur of Cal State San Marcos School of Education are sought and hired by many school districts in the state, the region, and the nation. We believe we prepare excellent teachers and professionals for our nation’s schools.

If you are interested in making a difference in the educational aspirations of all students, especially those who come from underserved backgrounds, I invite you to join our professional preparation programs and become a positive influence in P-12 schools. In addition to your online visit, I invite you to visit us in person. And I trust that if I can be of further assistance, you will not hesitate to communicate with me.

Manuel Vargas, PhD
Professor and Director, School of Education