Frequently Asked Questions - Course Equivalencies/Waivers

I have taken credential coursework at another institution that I think is the equivalent to a CSUSM credential course.  How do I find out for sure?
The School of Education does not maintain a list of equivalencies for credential program coursework taken at other institutions.  Please follow the procedure below to petition for credential coursework substitutions.

  • Before applying for a waiver, read a syllabus from the relevant CSUSM course to see if the coursework you took at another institution appears equivalent.
  • To substitute a course for credential program coursework complete and submit the Equivalency Request Form

Gather together supporting documents:

  • Copy of course description and syllabus.  Course must be less than five years old.
  • Copy of transcript showing successful completion of course (at least a grade of C+)

Submit complete packet to the Education Services Center (waiver form, copy of course description & syllabus, copy of transcript).  Once packet is received it is forwarded to the appropriate faculty member for review.  Once decision is received back in the Education Services Center, student will receive notification by email.

How long will take to hear back on a course waiver?
Turnaround time is typically three weeks but may be longer during times campus is closed (holidays) or faculty is off-campus (summers).

Who can I contact to find out the status of a course waiver?
If it has been more than three weeks since you submitted your waiver and you have not heard anything, contact the Education Services Center at 760-750-4277.