Electronic Portfolio

Prerequisite Coursework
EDUC 422 prepares individuals entering the teacher preparation program to begin the electronic portfolio process. You will begin your portfolio in EDUC 422 by learning the skills and concentrating on completing part of TPE 14 - Educational Technology. The narrative development and completion of the remainder of the portfolio is expected as you progress through the teacher preparation program.

Your portfolio will not be completed until your final clinical practice experience is well underway. However, the drafts for responses to each TPE will take place in coursework. It is often the case that clinical practice prompts teacher candidates to revise TPE responses. You will find that there is nothing more relevant than classroom experience to change your view of the TPE!

Beginning in fall 2003, CSUSM College of Education implemented the use of an electronic portfolio as a way to demonstrate meeting the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs), which are expected of every teacher candidate seeking a California teaching credential. The TPEs are more specific than the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs). (See the CSTP with TPE document to examine the relationship). To obtain a credential, teacher candidates must demonstrate meeting all TPEs. The electronic portfolio becomes a major source for examining  progress in meeting the TPEs.

CSUSM added TPEs to the state required list to affirm teacher candidates were able to develop their practice in alignment with our Mission Statement.