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Personal Enrichment Courses Are Abundant At Cal State San Marcos

By Nathan Fares, San Diego Examiner
January 17, 2011

This spring semester California State University San Marcos is offering new personal enrichment courses. 

Through Extended Learning the general public can learn about various subjects that interests them.  Learning about what makes different wines different in Wine: Knowing the Difference is an example of one class that offered. 

Another class that is being offered through the personal enrichment course is Record Your Roots.  A class dedicated to helping you organize your family history and recording them on DVD. 

Other classes that are offered through Cal State San Marcos Extended Learning include various language courses.  If you want to learn how to speak languages like Chinese or Italian there are numerous courses that will allow you to learn them; whatever you’re level of knowledge is. 

There are also drawing classes for beginners for those who find drawing fun and enlightening in their spare time. 

All classes are available to the public.  They are all conducted through the Cal State San Marcos Extended Learning programs.  Classes begin January 24thand most Personal Enrichment classes are one day a week.