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This program has been postponed until spring 2018. Please complete the inquiry form to be notified of updates.

Participants earn a Certificate in Business Emergency Preparedness by successfully completing all six courses. Participants acquire skill-based knowledge and an action plan for their organization to follow in the event of an emergency or disaster. Students move through this 6-week program as a cohort.

Emergency Planning Overview

This is an overview of emergency management principles and planning concepts. It examines the definition, key references, organizations and stakeholders, practices, resources, and roles and responsibilities, pertinent to the Federal Emergency Management Agencies (FEMA) five phases of emergency management. The course then illustrates many of these concepts using a Wildfire “case study.” Subject matter experts will provide insight to key areas of emergency management.

Developing a Hazard Vulnerability Assessment, Business Impact Analysis and Mitigation Plan

This is an introduction to the processes necessary to complete a Business Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA), Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP). At the conclusion of this course, participants will have a solid understanding of these plans and the necessary templates to complete them.

Developing the Emergency Response, the Emergency Resumption and Continuity Plan

This course is designed to provide you with an overview of the elements contained in an emergency operations plan (EOP). An EOP provides the structure and processes that an organization utilizes to respond to and initially recover from an event. An active shooter presentation will be given by a guest speaker.

Developing the Emergency Recovery Plan

Learn to develop your recovery plan using the course materials provided and find out how you can get your organization back to functioning as close to normal as possible within 15 days. Industry experts will provide instruction and a tour of the facility. 

Business Emergency Planning – The ICS in Business

Understand the principles of the Incident Command System, practices used by the private sector company to respond and recover from an emergency, how the private sector company utilizes their emergency procedures to respond to two distinct types of emergencies, and what should be considered when developing an emergency response plan for a private sector business.

Capstone class, Table Top Emergency Exercise & Student Projects

The capstone class will feature presentations of the student’s business emergency preparedness plans, a simulated “live” tabletop exercise of a disaster in San Diego County as it unfolds, a tour of the facility, and graduation for all students.

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