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Presentation & Communication Skills for Planners

Every day, every situation requires you to communicate effectively. This workshop will show you how to control your fear of getting in front of peers and clients, outline and organize an effective presentation, improve your style of delivery and maintain the attention of your audience. Learn how you can improve your speaking voice with tips that will add strength and authority to your voice and how non-verbal communication (gestures, facial expressions and eye contact) can  enhance your message.

You will learn how to:

  •   Overcome the fear of public speaking 
  •   Create a connection and credibility with your listeners 
  •   Organize and deliver dynamic presentations 
  •   Use multimedia aids for effective presentations

This is a core course in the Meeting and Event Planning Certificate Program.


Certification Point Information:

  • CMP: 7 Hours (Blueprint Section: Strategic Event Planning Process)
  • CSEP: .5 points

Prework Assignment:  Read chapters 9 & 36 from the Professional Meeting Management 5th Edition textbook