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Legal Issues for Event Planners

Contracts, negotiations and legal issues are a fact of life for the event planner. In this class you will review various sources of law for the hospitality industry and examine their application to event planners, vendors and lodging establishments. You’ll learn the basic elements of contracts and the key contract clauses that every event planner should understand. Upon completion of the class, you will be able to recognize the legal ramifications of policies and practices, identify potential legal problems and formulate preventive measures to limit litigation and manage risk associated with the hospitality industry.

This is a core course in the Meeting and Event Planning Certificate Program.

Certification Points Information:

Legal Issues: for Meeting & Event Planners

  • CMP: 7 Hours (Blueprint Section: Strategic Event Planning Process)
  • CSEP: .5 points

Prework Assignment:  Read chapters 39 - 44 from the Professional Meeting Management 5th Edition textbook