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Compensation Fundamentals

In today’s economy, it is critical for an organization to offer a competitive compensation package that is appealing to potential employees as well as cost effective for the company. This course covers the essentials of compensation management, including organizational strategies; program development and design; important terms and definitions; and a review of the related legal environment. You will use examples from your own work environments to immediately integrate your new knowledge and skills into your compensation responsibilities.

 Workplace Applications:

  • Identify and use competitive practice information
  • Know applicable government regulations, including reporting and disclosure requirements
  • Review variable pay programs and creating an appropriate pay structure design
  • Understand and apply appropriate job analysis and evaluation processes
  • Realize the importance of identifying the organization’s philosophy, objectives and strategy
Required Text: Human Resources Management 14th Edition
Authors:  Robert L. Mathis & John H. Jackson & Sean Valentine
(Books are available through South-Western Cengage Learning or on