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Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategies

In this course, you will learn about legal considerations in employment to keep your company safe.  We will discuss the importance of company culture and ideas on how to create a talent acquisition strategy.  You will learn how to develop a recruiting plan that quickly and efficiently attracts and retains the workforce talent that your organization needs to succeed in today’s competitive workplace.  In-class discussions and projects will incorporate your own work-related situations and highlight ways to simultaneously increase the candidate selection pool, heighten employee loyalty and improve retention rates.

Workplace Applications:

  •  Awareness of legal considerations in employment
  • Crafting a talent acquisition strategy
  • Developing a recruiting plan that efficiently attracts top talent
  • Incorporating various assessments to increase your selection success rate
  • Creating a culture to retain top talent

 This is a core course in the Human Resources Certificate Program.

 Required Text:

Human Resources Management, 14th Ed

Authors: Robert L Mathis & John H. Jackson

(Textbooks available on

Pre Class Assignment  Prior to the first class, please read Chapter 3, Equal Employment Opportunity.