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The Strategic Role of Human Resources

This capstone course integrates all of the program courses and provides strategies and skills needed to position HR as a strategic partner in the organization. HR professionals will need to be knowledgeable about addressing issues such as change management, appropriate restructuring options, and essential core competencies needed for the organizations’ employees. In this class, you will focus on measuring HR’s overall effectiveness in implementing initiatives such as change management, restructuring options, and development of core competencies of a successful senior level HR professional.

Workplace Applications:

  •  Learn how to conduct and utilize a SWOT analysis
  • Distinguish between the three major business strategies – Low cost leadership, differentiation or customer relationship
  • Prepare an HR Action Plan that is aligned with the business plan
  • Use power and influence to significantly increase the likelihood of getting people to do what you need them to do
  • Address the challenges and strategies for managing a change initiative
  • Developing and leveraging a strategic mind-set

No required textbook for this course

* This course is a capstone course for the Certificate program.   Students must have completed all other courses before enrolling in this course.