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Training & Development 2.0

This highly interactive course will provide you with knowledge of current trends in Training & Development (T&D) and give you hands-on experience in applying the major elements of training, including conducting a needs assessment, designing and developing a training module, facilitating training, and applying the best evaluation methodologies to measure the effectiveness of your training. You will be able to link training to your organization’s business objectives, training and development strategy, and employees’ development needs.

 Workplace Applications:

  • Use a Performance Consulting approach to determine if training is the right solution to a performance issue
  • Conduct a needs analysis to identify gaps in performance
  • Write measurable learning objectives
  • Design a training module
  • Facilitate an organization development intervention
  • Define four levels of evaluation and use two of them
  • Give constructive feedback in evaluating a training design

 Required Textbook: There is no textbook required for this course