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Effective Communication Skills

As a manager, your ability to effectively communicate with your staff is key to a successful and productive department or team. The ability to influence and motivate people whose values, styles and ability to listen are different than yours are skills that may not come easily, but can be learned. You’ll have the opportunity to assess your own communication styles and perceptions and see how they translate to interactions with your staff and others.

Workplace Applications:

  •   Apply techniques for active listening, giving and receiving feedback and questioning
  •   Get beyond the barriers to your own listening filters 
  •   Communicate with more clarity and confidence 
  •   Recognize how verbal and non-verbal communication affects your message 
  •   Communicate with more power and influence

This program is a core class in our Supervising Employees Certificate.


Fall:  November 3 - Register

Days: Tuesdays
Time: 8:30am - Noon
Fee: $149

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