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Transition from Peer to Supervisor

As a new supervisor, you will encounter many new challenges. You’ll quickly learn that your technical expertise is of little help to you in the midst of managing people problems and productivity issues. It’s not what you say that people pay attention to, it’s how you say it. You’ll face the scrutiny of co-workers who may be thinking, “Why was he/she promoted?” Establishing yourself as someone people will listen to, respect, collaborate with and follow is not an easy task. New knowledge and skills are required. This class examines the basic supervision skills, behaviors and attitudes you need to transition successfully from a peer to a supervisor.

Workplace Applications: 

  •   Become a supervisor who has willing followers 
  •   Recognize the differences between a contributor and a leader 
  •   Learn the basics of defining and assigning work 
  •   Start off on the right foot with your direct reports 
  •   Effectively supervise former peers 
  •   Establish productive relationship management

This program is a core class in our Supervising Employees Certificate.

2016 Courses
Spring: March 8 - Register
Day: Tuesday
Time: 8:30 am-Noon
Fee: $149