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How to Apply

The minimum requirements for admission are:

  • *Bachelor's degree 
  • Mathematical proficiency at a minimum level of college Algebra
To apply for admission to the Healthcare IT Program:
  • Submit resume
  • Send official transcripts (mailed or hand delivered) to:

California State University San Marcos
             Extended Learning
             Attn: Student Services/HIT Program

          333 S.Twin Oaks Valley Rd.
          San Marcos, CA 92096

*This program is open to applicants of any discipline with a bachelor's degree. In addition, CSUSM students with senior standing and relevant background knowledge or experience (e.g., IT, Computer Science, MIS, Nursing) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

**This program is not eligible to accept F-1 visa students.

Copies of transcripts as well as the resume may be e-mailed for the purpose of initial application approval. Once approved, unopened/sealed original official transcripts must be received at the address above before the start of the program.

Students are admitted each Fall semester. The next admission period is for Fall 2015.

Certificate Requirements

Each course is 2 units of credit. Students take 6 units per term, for a total of 12 semester units.

The following credit courses are required for the certificate and must be completed with a grade point average of a "C" or better. All 12 units of the program are fully transferable academic units.

  • HIT 500 – Healthcare Systems: Structure and Process (2)                                                        
  • HIT 510 – Data Management for Healthcare Decision Support (2)                                        
  • HIT 520 – Electronic Health Records (2)                                                                                               
  • HIT 530 – Data Communication and Security for Healthcare (2)                                           
  • HIT 540 – Managing Healthcare System Change (2)                                                              
  • HIT 550 – Project Management and Process Improvement for Healthcare (2)