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What our current HIT students are saying:

"The CSUSM HIT Certificate Program gives you access to Nationally known industry leaders and decision makers in Healthcare and Healthcare IT.  Hear firsthand where the industry is headed and what organizations need from new talent to be a part of the solution to the issues facing healthcare in the U.S." -Lisa L.

"The HIT program at CSUSM has laid a solid foundation for gaining knowledge of the healthcare field that I have been able to use on numerous occasions in my current profession. The program is beneficial for those already in the healthcare field and for those looking to get started. It has allowed me to network with key healthcare professionals. This program is a great opportunity to expand into a growing field. It has expanded my career possibilities by giving me the big picture and necessary knowledge basis to apply towards a focused career path." -Colleen S.

"The Healthcare IT program at Cal State San Marcos provides a very intriguing and fantastic way to learn from remarkable faculty and experts in the field to gain broad and up-to-date knowledge in one of the fastest growing fields in healthcare. Whether one is looking for a stepping stone or to develop more professional skills, the faculty has gone through great lengths in designing and conducting a dynamic program that provides the right amount of depth and scope in Healthcare IT education to be successful in the field." -Aneela G.

“I've found the professors engaged and interested. Speakers have added a dimension to the program by introducing real world scenarios, challenges and opportunities. Students present varied backgrounds that also add to the learning experience.” -Patricia D.

“CSUSM’s Extended Learning Program has helped me to advance my career and network with many key individuals in my field.” -Rachel H.