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Course Descriptions

*The GIS certificate is made up of 4 courses to be taken over 2 semesters.  Two 8-week courses per semester complete this certficate.*

GEOG 320 Patterns of San Diego (3 units):

Conducts an interdisciplinary exploration of the geographic, historic, political and socioeconomic factors that make up San Diego County. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software and
internet resources will be used to amplify this exploration.  Students will gain an in-depth understanding of how San Diego County has been shaped  and continues to function, as well as knowledge of how to use
technological tools for a deeper understanding of the world around them.

GEOG 330 GIS Explorations across the Curriculum (3 units):

Students learn state-of-the-art GIS skills through problem-based learning.   Through real world examples taken from across the curriculum, students develop advanced knowledge of current data sources and  digital tools while honing spatial analysis and map-making skills.

GEOG 430 GeoVisualization (3 units):

Introduces students to the principles of cartography and geographic visualization. Includes overviews of the relevant software and current trends in information technology (e.g. interface design, animation, multimedia, sound, multivariate displays, 3D, etc.). In addition, students will be introduced to the cognitive factors important to the design of cartographic animation and hypermedia.

GEOG 435 Research in GIS (3 units):

A capstone experience where students will complete a project to show understanding of the basic tenets of GIS and apply geospatial analysis to demonstrate competency in spatial decision-making as well as demonstrate the ability to recognize, analyze and address ethical issues in geographic information science, technology and research methods.