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Course Descriptions

CCHC 500-Clinical Care and Cultural Competency (2 units/30 BRN CEUs)

Explores how cultural backgrounds of patients and providers impact the healthcare encounter. Examines how clinical healthcare settings and organizations can act as barriers to providing effective services to diverse communities. Reviews standards, laws, and accreditation mandates relevant to the health care of culturally- and linguistically-diverse communities.”

CCHC 510-Special populations and Health Care (2 units/30 BRN CEUs)

Examines the ways in which special populations are defined, their access to care, and questions of health equity. Covers major issues influencing health services and delivery to special populations, focusing on disparities and strategies to address healthcare needs. Focus includes special populations service provision, advocacy, patient/client-centered care, social aspects of disease and wellness, health promotion, and education. Reviews history of health and social welfare programs. Examines social and environmental determinants of health as well as the health service needs of special populations.

CCHC 520-Medical Ethics in Cross Cultural Context (2 units/30 BRN CEUs)

Reviews the concepts, principles, and methods of medical ethics, emphasizing issues of cultural difference, identity, and cross-cultural translation. Examines mainstream ethical principles through case studies involving diverse cultural settings, belief systems, and moral traditions. Themes include practitioner-patient communication, informed consent, end-of-life issues, family dynamics, standards of medical decision-making, normative concepts of medicine, appropriate treatment, and ethical intervention and care.

CCHC 530- Communication, Language Access and Health Literacy (2 units/30 BRN CEUs)

Examines how language and communication impact delivery of health care services to culturally- and linguistically-diverse communities. Reviews standards, policies, and accreditation mandates impacting language access. Focuses on strategies for cross-cultural communication, effective ways to ensure language access, and health literacy for diverse communities.

CCHC 540-Palliative Care in Diverse Communities (2 units/30 BRN CEUs)

Explores palliative care and end-of-life issues as manifested in culturally-diverse communities. Examines how diverse communities perceive, use, and assess palliative care. Addresses barriers to palliative care in relation to language, social, and cultural needs, and introduces best practices to improve access and utilization of services.

CCHC 550-Practicing Cultural Competency (2 units/30 BRN CEUs)

Covers the design, delivery, and evaluation of strategies that promote cultural competence and increase health promotion and illness prevention in diverse communities. Concepts of community assessment, program planning, and illness prevention are applied to develop a cultural competency plan for a particular area of the healthcare system.