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Completion of the prerequisites courses is a major component of the admission requirements for the M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology.

Update for Summer 2015 and Fall 2015 Course Sequence for current CSD Prep Cohort Students: 
  • MATH 242 will be moved from the Summer semester to the Fall semester.
  • PHYS 357 will be offered in the Summer semester for Cohort students ONLY.
  • SLP 357 (formerly EDSL 357) will be offered in the Fall semester for non-cohort students ONLY. See Non-Cohort Course Options page for further details about non-cohort student registration.
  • Beginning in Summer 2015, all "EDSL" prefix courses will be replaced with "SLP" prefix courses.
1st 8 weeks:
SLP 150     Introduction to Communicative Sciences and Disorders
EDSL 351   Language Development and Assessment for Practitioners

2nd 8 weeks:
EDSL 364     Cultural Diversity in Schooling
EDUC 380    Applications in Child and Youth Development


1st 5 weeks:
SLP 320     Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism
SLP 391     Clinical Phonetics and Analysis of Disordered Speech

2nd 5 weeks:
PHYS 357   The Science of Speech and Hearing (Cohort section ONLY)


1st 8 weeks:
SLP 201     Hearing Disorders and Measurement
SLP 260     Diagnostics for Speech Language Pathologists

2nd 8 weeks:
SLP 473     Adult Neurogenic Communication Disorders
MATH 242  Introduction to Statistics