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Completion of the prerequisites courses is a major component of the admission requirements for the M.A. Education with the Option in Communicative Sciences and Disorders. The following courses, or their equivalent, must be completed at the time of application with a grade of C+ or higher. For courses currently in progress, proof of current enrollment must be provided at time of application* (proof can be emailed or faxed to your assigned Advisor.)

Click Here to download the prerequisite checklist for the M.A. Education, CSD degree program.

EDSL 150     Introduction to Communicative Sciences and Disorders
EDSL 201     Hearing Disorders and Measurement
EDSL 351     Language Development and Assessment for Practitioners
EDSL 357     The Science of Speech and Hearing
EDSL 364     Cultural Diversity in Schooling
EDUC 380    Applications in Child and Youth Development
EDSL 320     Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism
EDSL 391     Clinical Phonetics and Analysis of Disordered Speech

EDSL 201     Hearing Disorders and Measurement
EDSL 260     Diagnostics for Speech Language Pathologists
EDSL 473     Adult Neurogenic Communication Disorders
Math 242     Introduction to Statistics

*Students who would like to speak with an advisor and receive an Advising Worksheet for the M.A. Education, CSD program must compete the M.A. application.

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