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Nurse Practitioner Underserved Healthcare Fellowship Program

California State University, San Marcos (CSUSM) Extended Learning invites all licensed Nurse Practitioners who are passionate about working with underserved populations to apply for the Nurse Practitioner Underserved Healthcare Fellowship Certificate.

You are invited to apply for a one-year fellowship.

Participants will get advanced training focusing on underserved healthcare while working six hours per week at university-sponsered clinics at UC San Diego or CSU San Marcos.  The certificate integrates leadership skills with collaborative practices.  Cost for the one-year program is $2,500. A $2,000 scholarship will be offered to the first 10 students accepted into the fellowship, lowering the cost of the program to $500 + books and materials. 

Certificate includes:

  • Advanced training focused on underserved healthcare, interprofessional practice, integrative health and leadership will be provided.
  • Collaborative practice with professional teams in the inpatient and outpatient setting.
  • Students will participate in this course with 6 clinical hours per week for three semesters including summer.
  • 90 hours of CE, 10 in Pharmacology.

Student Learning Outcomes

After participating in the year-long Fellowship, learners will be able to:

  • Provide interprofessional holistic care to underserved people acrossd the life span using a Transdiciplinary Model of Evidence-based Practice.
  • Identifiy, recommend and/or administer evidence-based prevention strategies and treatment modalities for underserved people to include Complimentary/Alternative Methods (CAM), and select pharmacological interventions for medically unerderved clients.
  • Provide high quality, person-centered, evidence-based care to medically underserved clients with multiple chronic conditions in collaboration with the interprofessional team.
  • Discuss cultural, ethical and legal issues specific to the care and treatment of medically underserved clients.
  • Address components of the Social Determinants of Health, including health literacy in the care and treatment of medically underserved clients.

Applications are currently being accepted on Rolling Admissions basis

Please contact:

Michelle Fawcett
California State University, San Marcos School of Nursing