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Course Descriptions

Required courses include:

EDST630: Current Issues and Research in Educational Technology (3 credit)

Assists educators in the application of technology related skills and knowledge to their classroom. This fully online course requires collaboration using electronic media. Enrollment Restriction: Enrollment in the Master’s in Education Program and/or hold credential.


EDST635: Introduction to Computing* (3 credit)

Prepares educators to use computer and software resources and settings to support student needs. Includes universal access issues, tools, and important copyright law.


EDST643: Using Mobile Technologies for Teaching and Learning (1 credit)

Learn about emerging mobile applications and successful uses in educational setting. Explore models and create example projects that engage learners in collaborative projects. Identify strategies and lessons aligned with content and national technology standards for use with students.


EDST644: Social Media in Education (1 credit)

Examines the use of social media in creating a personal learning network (PLN). Students will use various social media tools to create and participate in an on-line learning community to enhance instructional and personal development.


EDST633: Topics in Educational Technology (1-3 credit)

Critically examines one or more selected issues in educational technology. Current topics such as distance and distributed learning, video conferencing, and technology initiatives will be highlighted. May be repeated for credit as topics change, but only three (3) units may be applied toward the Master’s in Education. Enrollment Restriction: Enrollment in the Master’s in Education Program and/or hold credential.


EDST636: Technology, Assessment, & Evaluation* (3 credit)

Prepares educators to critically examine education-specific software for classroom use and to evaluate educational web sites. Includes development of a teacher web page, use of online survey tools, and blogs.


EDST637: Instructional Technology Planning and Management (3 credit)

Prepares educators to plan, manage, and access technology infused classroom environments. Includes the development and piloting a technology-rich instructional unit utilizing technology, and the use of rubrics for assessment.


EDST639: Digital Storytelling to Inspire Learning* (3 credit)

Prepares educators to apply principles of digital storytelling to create a variety of movie sequences applying project based learning elements emphasized in education today. Copyright issues and permissions will be addressed for the K-12 classroom. Projects will address the K-12 Standards for Visual Arts.