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Program Requirements

Required courses include:

EDST630: Current Issues and Research in Educational Technology (3 credit)

EDST635: Introduction to Computing* (3 credit)

Elective courses include:

EDST643: Using Mobile Technologies for Teaching and Learning (1 credit)  

EDST644: Social Media in Education (1 credit)

EDST633: Topics in Educational Technology (1-3 credit)

EDST636: Technology, Assessment, & Evaluation* (3 credit)

EDST637: Instructional Technology Planning and Management (3 credit)

EDST639: Digital Storytelling to Inspire Learning* (3 credit)


* We are in the process of updating the titles of these courses. These courses are currently listed with the following titles in the Course Catalogue:

  • EDST635: Hardware Operations and Functions to Support Teaching and Learning
  • EDST636: Software and Web Site Evaluation Tools
  • EDST639: Digital Storytelling to Inspire Creativity in the K-12 Classroom

Course Schedule

Fall Spring Summer
Every Year: EDST 630 (3) EDST 635 (3) EDST 639 (3)
Even Years: EDST 633 (3) EDST 637 (3)
Odd Years: EDST 636 (3) EDST 643 (1), EDST 644 (1), EDST 633 (1)