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California State University San Marcos
Extended Learning
333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Road
San Marcos, California 92096 

Extended Learning

Student Services Main Office
PH: 760-750-4020

Libby Badr
Administrative Assistant
Student Services
PH: 760-750-4001

Alexandra Fresh
Program Coordinator
Education, Health and Human Services
PH: 760-750-8617

Natalie O'Hara
Student Financial Services
PH: 760-750-8794

Jennie Reed
Student Financial Services
PH: 760-750-8609

Tricia Henlon
Fiscal Operations
PH: 760-750-4018

Erika Ervin
Program Administrator
Education, Health & Human Services
PH: 760-750-8709


Carol Van Vooren, Ed. D.
Assistant Professor, School of Education

PH:  760-750-8516

International Baccalaureate

Teacher Award