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  • Bachelor Degree in CSD, including basic science requirements (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Science, and Statistics) OR Bachelors degree in another field with basic science requirements and CSD prerequisite courses. The prerequisite checklist identifies the requirements for students with a Non-CSD Bachelors.
  • A minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.0
  • All applicants, regardless of citizenship, who do not possess a bachelor's degree from a post-secondary institution where English is the principal language must satisfy the English language proficiency requirement (see more details in Step 4 of the CSD Application Instructions)
  • Two letters of recommendation are required to apply to the MA Program. Please follow the instructions under Applying To CSDCAS, Step 4, CSD Application Instructions. Please do NOT submit letters of recommendation directly to the University.
  • Personal Essay prompt: What does wellness mean to you and how can you incorporate it into your clinical practice to enhance your clients' quality of life?* Your essay must be submitted as part of your CSDCAS application portal by January 15th, 2015. There is a limit of 5500 characters.
    *Your writing prompt will be judged according to the University's Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR). To view this rubric click here.

Optional Interview: Candidates may be invited for an interview with a panel of faculty or admissions advisors. This interview is an opportunity to ensure this program is a good match for the student and vice versa.

Prerequisite Courses**

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EDSL 150     Introduction to Communicative Sciences and Disorders (Formerly titled EDSL 350)
EDSL 201    
  Hearing Disorders and Measurement
EDSL 260     Diagnostics for Speech Language Pathologists (Formerly titled EDSL 360)
EDSL 320     Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism (OR BIO 320)
EDSL 351     Language Development and Assessment for Practitioners (Formerly titled EDSL 551)
EDSL 357     The Science of Speech and Hearing
EDSL 364     Cultural Diversity in Schooling (OR EDUC 364 OR ID 340)
EDSL 391     Clinical Phonetics and Analysis of Disordered Speech
EDSL 473 
    Adult Neurogenic Communication Disorders
EDUC 380     Applications in Child and Youth Development (OR PSYC 330)
MATH 242     Introduction to Statistics (OR PSYC 220)

Click here to download the Prerequisite Checklist - Must be completed and submitted with application

**All prerequisite courses, or their equivalent, must be completed at the time of application with a grade of C+ or higher. For courses currently in progress, proof of current enrollment must be provided at time of application (proof can be emailed or faxed to your assigned Advisor).

Additional Requirements from Undergraduate Degree

In addition to these prerequisites, you are required to complete a biological science and a physical science to comply with ASHA (Association of Speech-Language Hearing Association) accreditation requirements.

These courses must have the prefixes "BIOL" and "PHYS" (or similar) on your undergraduate transcripts. EDSL 320 taken at CSUSM will meet the biological sciences requirement.

If you have not taken a biological science and a physical science course, you can take these courses at any college or community college.

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**Please note: You must apply to BOTH CSUSM and Communicative Sciences and Disorders Centralized Application System (CSDCAS)**